About Maui-X

Camp Maui-X is the newest, leading adventure company here on Maui.  We specialize in showing you Maui in a unique, sustainable way that will leave you with lasting memories and a whole new prospective on the aloha lifestyle. We may not be the reason why you visited Maui, but we want to be the main reason why you come back. Our goal is to show you the absolute best of what Hawaii has to offer.

Imagine waking up just several feet from the ocean or up high in the Eucalyptus and Redwood forests surrounded by the most breathtaking landscape’s you’ll ever see. Our roof top tents are the only way to enjoy what Maui has to offer and to get the most out of your trip. All the trucks are equipped with the latest and best camping gear in the industry with everything you possibly could need. You can also customize your trip with extra gear such as: snorkel gear, boogie boards, SUP (stand up boards) Don’t care to venture out on your own or not experienced with camping?  We also provide full service camping to allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy a luxurious Maui experience. Let us do the driving, be your chef, your personal tour guide and let us show you all the secret spots only locals know about. Apart from amazing roof top tents, we also offer great back packing gear to hike Haleakala crater and other remote spots on the islands of Maui and Lanai. Your Hawaii adventure is waiting for you!

Camp Maui-X started in January of 2014 and has been a HUGE success.  The feedback and reviews from our guests and locals have been 5-star and our company is growing rapidly! We have even bigger visions for the future and have dreams to have roof top tent camping statewide.  This is only the beginning!


Aloha! With 10+ years of living in Hawaii we are thrilled and anxious to share this beautiful tropical paradise with you. If your reading this i'm sure we have several things in common already; we enjoy nature and all it's beauty, love to be outdoors, always searching for an adventure and love off the beaten path experiences and cultures.

A couple years ago I made a decision to start a business here on Maui with strong intentions to have it as sustainable and green as possible. It's hard to get a real prospective of Hawaii sitting in an air-conditioned hotel room with almost all of the luxuries that you just left at home. I asked myself; how can I incorporate my years hospitality experience, my love for people and nature with a business that shows everyone what Maui is truly all about. Being a true outdoorsman I found that Maui really is a great place really disconnect from society and create your own island adventure. I have always enjoyed my trips to Hana and never wanted to drive the east side of the island without staying over night in Maui's beautiful, lush tropical rainforest. I have traveled world wide and find Maui is really one of the easiest places to navigate with amazing weather conditions year round.

Happy Camping,


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